Delivery from IKEA via Mööblivedu: fast, convenient, profitable.

Delivery of goods from IKEA Finland charged only for the weight of your goods

Just from €7, delivered at a convenient time for you

parcels delivered since the beginning of year 2018

vehicles involved

employees work on orders

years in the delivery business

We buy up in the best IKEA superstores of Finland

The IKEA superstores of Finland to co-operate with were selected by following factors
Availability of goods
Wide assortment
Accessibility by transport

Helsinki Espoo

The store has been operating since 1996 and is one of the city’s largest furniture centers. Having an area of 18,600m2, it contains everything from napkins to the frame furniture.

Helsinki Vantaa

The superstore set up in 2003 is basically a labyrinth of furniture and household wares, which are represented there in huge quantities. Having its own warehouse, the superstore provides a permanent availability of the entire assortment at free access.

Choose what is profitable

Order delivery from us


A waste of time for at least 3 people
Send an order to us by e-mail
Wait a couple of days
Search for goods in IKEA maze
Expenses for truck (fuel, insurance)
Our transport to house
Assembling from 10 euros
The cost of the ferry to Helsinki and back for people and truck
Loading / unloading of goods and assembly

Order delivery from us

Send an order to us by e-mail
Wait a couple of days
Our transport to house
Assembling from 10 euros


Search for goods in IKEA maze
A waste of time for at least 3 people
Expenses for truck (fuel, insurance)
The cost of the ferry to Helsinki and back for people and truck
Loading / unloading of goods and assembly

Special offer: March’s goods with free of charge delivery

Please send us link of the needed goods at IKEA or add codes on your own in the special form for instant calculation of costs

Step-by-step algorithm of co-operation

Select the goods and copy their links or write down their article numbers

Send the selected positions to us

Our manager will check your order’s correctness, its availability at the store, and its costs

In response, you will receive the invoice, where the final price with a delivery charge is stated, without a markup on the product itself

When the product arrives, we send a notice

How to make surely no mistake about the product
Important! When ordering goods, please indicate the correct colour and model codes. Each colour, size, and model have their own unique code. Please check the coherence between the invoice and the goods delivered to you. Later complaints will not be accepted.

we give the maximum: a package of services at one place

We make our customer a priority, providing a full package of related services. The range of our powers and authorities includes:


We provide professional assembly of furniture of any kind, size, material, taking into account schemes and nuances


We render services of accurate and time-sensitive disassembling for moving, rearrangement, and sale


We arrange events of any scope through our own transport, employees, and appliances


We dismantle and remove old furniture, to clear a space for new things

Transportation of cargo on Tallinn – Helsinki route

We take on all the ins and outs of loading and unloading the goods transported by trucks or shipped by sea

Return of goods to IKEA

We provide transportation of unsuitable, defected and inappropriate goods to the store on the most favorable terms

Everything for your convenience: we store the goods at our warehouse and deliver them by our transport

It is not a problem for us to deliver the goods at a convenient time for our customer, and not at the day, hour and minute of their arrival. Our own warehouse makes this benefit possible. We inform about the arrival of the goods and agree upon how and when it is convenient to pick up the goods for the customer or to wait for their delivery.

We perform the transportation by our company’s own vehicles. This guarantees you:

Keeping of delivery time
Nonexistence of road breakdowns
Careful locking of the cargo
Correspondence of the vehicle’s working load capacity to the declared one

More than 1000 satisfied private customers

And more than 300 satisfied companies

Another 10 benefits of ordering the goods from IKEA through us

Several payment options

We accept cash and non-cash payments

Many reputed customers

We are trusted by banking authorities, building contractors, design bureaus, politicians and businessmen

Consultancy support 24/7

We are always ready to satisfy questions of our customers

We work with the state orders

We have maintained deliveries for state authorities

Delivery of any quantity and volume

You can order from us anything from 1 package of napkins to the complete furniture set for office

Part payments

We practice breaking up the payments for our customer’s convenience

We work with special orders

We bring the goods which can be bought only by prior arrangement

Transparent pricing

The final costs can be easily calculated on your own

7 years of experience

We know exactly all the ins and outs of co-operation with IKEA and delivery from Finland

Nonexistence of the minimum amount of an order

We deliver both expensive sets of furniture, and a flowerpot at a price from €1

Calculate everything in advance

Total weight of the order

Price for delivery to the warehouse

Up to 5 kg


From 5 kg to 40 kg

€1.60 for each kg

From 41 kg to 70 kg


From 71 kg to 100 kg


From 101 kg to 150 kg


Above 150 kg

by agreement

Home delivery:

Mustamäe, Haabersti, Kesklinn, Nõmme, Kopli, Lasnamäe, Pirita, Viimsi, Tiskre, Peetri küla, Muuga, Haabneeme, Laagri, Männiku, Kakumäe, Järve küla

20 €

Maardu, Saku, Keila, Saue, Tabasalu

35 €

Let’s go past your questions

What can we do, if the price of the product at IKEA has changed?

In this case, you have the opportunity to pay the difference in value or to refuse the order and ask for your money back.

Do I have to pay the whole invoice at once or can I pay in installments?

The order can be paid in installments, but before receiving the goods the invoice must be paid in full.

Can I pay in cash?

Yes, you can.

Is it possible to use discounts with the IKEA FAMILY card?

Yes, you can get discounted goods when using the IKEA FAMILY card.

Is there a guarantee for IKEA products and can they be returned if they are damaged, or if I don’t like the size or color?

Yes, in case of damage, we will replace the goods for free. If the color or size do not fit, you have to pay an additional fee.

Have you set a minimum order amount?

No. You can order goods at any price.

Do you deliver / assemble outside Tallinn?

Yes, ask for a delivery offer to your city.

Is it possible to get my goods via a parcel machine?

Yes, we can send your goods via Omniva parcel machines.


Our long being on the market of moving services has determined the delivery’s high quality. Our specialization on the transportation of the goods from IKEA allows us to answer to all the customer’s questions at length. Our responsible approach and rendering the full package of services have influenced the high demand for the company’s services by individuals, businesses, and government agencies.
We have established and locked in reasonable prices. We always respect our taken commitments, meeting a huge variety of the customer’s requirements.


Providing the full service for the customer at one place


Creating a highly organized structure for delivering any amount of goods from IKEA to the customer’s address or with an option of the customer pickup


Making lives of every citizen, organization, and family in Estonia prettier, more comfortable, and more pleasant

customers trust us

tender process has been won

was the biggest order through us

persons work for your comfort

Delivery from IKEA via Mööblivedu: fast, convenient, profitable.

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